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Album Cover - Damian Marley - Distant Relatives

Distant Relatives is a collaboration album between Damian Marley and American rapper Nas.

The album is an African themed concept album, focusing on afro-centric topics. Profits made from the album have been used to build schools in Africa. Despite the heavy topic matter, the album rarely sounds preachy and both artists treat the subject respectfully, without resorting to corny platitudes or clichés. Distant Relatives alse features some very personal lyrics from Nas, concerning his divorce and his (then) unborn child. The album features African instrumentation, samples from African music and guest spots from Somali rapper K'naan. Distant Relatives also features guest vocal slots from Joss Stone, Lil' Wayne and Dennis Brown.

The album has been well received by critics from both the hip-hop and reggae worlds. Damian Marley has collaborated with Nas before on the track "Road to Zion" on the album "Welcome to Jamrock". The two played live many times and have exhibited great chemistry together, this chemistry shines through on distant relatives.



  1  As We Enter
  2  Tribes at War (featuring K'naan)
  3  Strong Will Continue
  4  Leaders (featuring Stephen Marley)
  5  Friends
  6  Count Your Blessings
  7  Dispear
  8  Land of Promise (featuring Dennis Brown)
  9  In His Own Words (featuring Stephen Marley)
 10  Nah Mean
 11  Patience
 12  My Generation (featuring Joss Stone & Lil Wayne)
 13  Africa Must Wake Up (featuring K'naan)


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